The company has the following facilities and equipment:

1WIBAU WKM 130asphalt base1
2IVO LOLA RIBARball mill to produce filler1
3STRENIA NE DKM 800x400x2/Hbeater mill to produce fractions from 0 to 41
4MFL H-CI 90-75 LTimpact crusher – rotational1
5SCT Slovenia 800X840impact crusher – rotational1
6SBMimpact crusher – rotational1
7KRUPimpact crusher – jaw1
8SYMONScone crusher1
9TEREX BL-PEGSONmobile crusher1
107 OCTOBER DDRvibrating sieve4
117 OCTOBER DDRbelt conveyor16
12ORU 380 ZORROconcrete plants1
13NORA60 m3/hconcrete plants1
14INGERSOL RANDcompressor3
15ATLAS COPCOcompressor1
18INGERSOL RANDcompressor gun2
19ENERGOINVESTcompressor gun3
20STIHL TS – 460asphalt cutter2
21SF 400 Casphalt cutter1
22PARTNERasphalt cutter1
26WEBERvibro – rammer (the frog)1
27WACKERvibro – rammer (the frog)2
28BOMAGvibro – rammer (the frog)3
29HONDAspray emulsion1
30Riko and UNIS METAL (4 per pack)pelvic socket8
31RIKO; EPOKEload spreader4
32RIKO; EPOKEtowing spreader6
33EPOKEthe hair for the compactor1
34SOCOMEC (1.5 t)hammer excavator for banging2
35SOCOMEC (0.5 t)hammer for backhoe for banging1
36BENFORDarticulated haulers2